2015 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

Res15_Agenda - Agenda for Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Symposium at BioCycle REFOR15, October 19, 2015, Doubletree Hotel, Danvers, MA

12-Fava_Brown_URI_RoadsideBiosolidsUses-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Use of Stabilized Biosolids and Composts to Promote Establishment & Persistence of Perennial Vegetation Along Rhode Island Roads – Edwin Fava, Rebecca Brown, and Jose Amador, URI

11-Brown-BiosolidsCarbon-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Use of Biosolids Product as a Carbon Source for Biological Nutrient Removal – Jeanette Brown, Manhattan College

10-Abouhend-AlgalGranulesResearch-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Algal Sludge Granules as a Novel Technique for Wastewater Treatment – Ahmed S. Abouhend, Univ. of MA

9-HebertKhiari-SludgeAshAsPFertilizer-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Sludge Ash as Chemical Phosphorus Fertilizer – Marc Hébert, Quebec MDDELCC

8-Khiari_Hebert_BiosolidsPhosphorusAvailability-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Biosolids Phosphorus Plant Availability Modeling – Lotfi Khiari, Université Laval & Marc Hébert, Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change

6-Lounsbury-SoilHealth-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Keynote: Residuals and the Soil Health Awakening – Natalie Lounsbury, PhD student, Univ. of NH - Natalie’s work focuses on practical ways farmers can improve soil health. She recently spearheaded the passage of a resolution by the Maine Legislature recognizing the importance of soils in Maine. This presentation celebrates soil health and the International Year of Soils (http://www.fao.org/soils-2015/en/, https://www.soils.org/IYS)

7-Kuter-MerrimackNHComposting-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - After 40+ Years Successfully Composting Biosolids, Merrimack NH Plans for the Future – Geoff Kuter, Agresource; Jim Taylor and Leo Gaudette, Merrimack, NH; and Richard Nicoletti, BDP Industries

5-Fulford-Composting-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Biofilter Odor Control, Water Reclamation, and Compost Heat Recovery – Bruce Fulford & Brian Jerose, City Soil Greenhouse & Agrilab Technologies

4-Wright-MaximizingPrimarySolids-NESymposium-19Oct2015 - Towards Net-Zero Energy in Wastewater: Demonstration of Clear Cove’s Harvester Technology – Alex Wright, Clear Cove & Mark Greene, O'Brien & Gere