2018 Collection Systems Conference

CS18_Agenda - NEWEA Collection Systems Conference & Exhibit, September 10, 2018, Boxboro Regency, Boxborough, MA

CS18_CZeigler - Prevention of Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Buildup in an Explosion-Proof Pump Station Environment Through Consistent Dosage of a Plant-Based Formulation by Means of a Pump-Less Liquid Dispensing System • Dr. Christian Zeigler, Protein Matrix LLC and Aaron Fox, Lowell, MAWastewater

CS18_DScott - Stacey’s Brook Comprehensive Sewer Rehabilitation – A Phased Approach to Reduce Collection System Infiltration and Improve Surface Water Quality • Dan Scott and Cecilla Carrion-Carmona, Kleinfelder

CS18_FOcchipinti - Trimming the Fat (Part 2) – Over a Decade of Progress • Frank Occhipinti, Weston & Sampson; Dylan Ludy and Ian Weyburne, City of Worcester, MA DPW

CS18_JCourchaine - Keynote Speaker: James Courchaine, Tata & Howard, Inc.

CS18_JSilva - Evolution of a CMOM Program in Waterbury, CT • Julie Silva, Woodard & Curran

CS18_LPerkins - Moving Beyond the I/I Plan • Laurie Perkins, Wright-Pierce

CS18_MBrown - Scattergraphs Used to Reduce Scattered Results • Matthew Brown, ADS Environmental Services

CS18_Smith-Horn - Improving Private Inflow Inspection and Data Management with GIS • Lucas Smith-Horn and Daniel Thompson, CDM Smith

CS18_SPerdios - Private Inflow: Best Practices for Access and Source Identification • Steve Perdios and Michael Hanley, Dewberry