2017 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

Sapienza-15-IncineratorAirEmissionsControlUpgrades-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Innovative Mercury Control at a Biosolids Incineration Plant - Frank Sapienza, CDM Smith

Sierra-CoDigestion-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - To Codigest or Not to Codigest? - Natalie Sierra, Brown & Caldwell

Twohig-VTDECUpdate-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Significant New VT Laws & Regulations - Eamon Twohig, VT DEC

Williams-CortlandADUpgrade-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - Cortland WWTF: Digester Upgrades and CHP Integration in an Antiquated System - Matt Williams, WesTech Eng

Zona-StJohnsburyADMixer-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - It’s All in the Mix - Design of New Mixers for Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Facilities at St. Johnsbury WWTF - Meredith Zona, Stantec