2020 Annual Conference & Exhibit

11. AC20_DDair - Improved BNR Performance Through Selective Sludge Wasting - Daniel Dair, World Water Works, Kristen Tucker, World Water Works, Jason Boyd, World Water Works, Chandler Johnson, World Water Works

11. AC20_RPolys - First of its Kind Treated Effluent Discharge Saves City Over $5M - Robert Polys, Woodard & Curran, Maxwell Kenney, Woodard & Curran

12. AC20_GSimard - When There is No Where to Go But Up - Gary Simard, AECOM, Richard Feminella, Town of Greenwich, CT

12. AC20_JScheri - Dealing with Both Peaks and Valleys— Pump Station Upgrade Design - John Scheri, Mott MacDonald, Kevin O’Brien Mott MacDonald, Ernie DeGraw, Two Bridges Sewerage Authority

12. AC20_MTheriault - Taking a Global Look—City-wide Pump Station Assessment for Portsmouth, NH - Michael Theriault, Wright-Pierce, Terry Desmarais, City of Portsmouth, NH

13. AC20_BLisk - Biogas Utilization for Small Utilities— Small Utilities Can Dream Big Too - Bryan Lisk, Hazen and Sawyer, Micah Blate, Hazen and Sawyer

13. AC20_CO’Brien - Asset Replacement to Improve Energy Efficiency and Achieve Net Zero Energy Goals - Colin O’Brien, Brown and Caldwell, Christopher Muller, Brown and Caldwell, William Rehkop, Derry Township Municipal Authority, Wayne Schutz, Derry Township Municipal Authority

13. AC20_JRoss - Evaluating Thermal Drying—Energy and Economics - John Ross, Brown and Caldwell

13. AC20_MRibeiro - No Digester, No Problem—CHP May Still be a Viable Option for Your Wastewater Treatment Facility - Matthew Ribeiro, AECOM, Alan Taubert, Jr. South Essex Sewerage District, David Michelsen, South Essex Sewerage District, Peter Pommersheim, South Essex Sewerage District

14. AC20_Fitchburg - East Wastewater Treatment Facility - Jeffrey Murawski, City of Fitchburg, MA, Nicholas Erickson, City of Fitchburg