2016 Joint Spring Meeting

NEWEA_Spr16_IBarbu - Laboratory Study on Optimization of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) System Configurations and the Applicability to GSI Retrofits for Highway Runoff - Iulia Barbu, Kate Mignone, AECOM; Anne Bastoni, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

NEWEA_Spr16_JBarown - Decentralized Wastewater Collection and Advanced Treatment Technology: A Case Study in Christiansburg, Ohio - Julie Barown, Wes Anderson, Tyler Molatore, Orenco Systems; Brice Schmitmeyer, Access Engineering Solutions

NEWEA_Spr16_JEsler - Evaluating and Improving Clarifiers: We’ll Never Stop Learning! - John Esler, Clarifier Performance Evaluations, Inc.

NEWEA_Spr16_JForgue - Evaluation of Mitigation Measures for Coastal Flooding in Newport, Rhode Island - Peter Von Zweck, Greg Brenner, CH2M; Julia Forgue, City of Newport

NEWEA_Spr16_JFosbrook - Pontilly Stormwater Project, New Orleans: Tailor-Made Green Infrastructure - Jessica Fosbrook, CDM Smith

NEWEA_Spr16_JGreenwood - Statewide Cooperation in Preparing for Climate Change at Rhode Island’s Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Jan Greenwood, Woodard & Curran; William Patenaude, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

NEWEA_Spr16_JPeck - Managing Boston’s Investments in Buried Infrastructure through Systematic Evaluation of Condition and Risk - Jacob Peck, CH2M; Chase Berkeley, Boston Water & Sewer Commission

NEWEA_Spr16_JSheehan - Developing an Effective Public Outreach Strategy to Pass a Sewer Referendum in Enfield, Connecticut - Jay Sheehan, Woodard & Curran; Tom Arnone, Town of Enfield, Connecticut

NEWEA_Spr16_JSteffen - Decentralized Treatment Network Helps the City of Marathon, Florida Win the Race to Meet Advanced Water Treatment Requirements - James Steffen, Evoqua Water Technologies

NEWEA_Spr16_KEngland - Leveraging Boston School System Master Planning for Green Infrastructure Implementation - Katherine England, Boston Water and Sewer Commission