2024 NEWEA Annual Conference & Exhbit

11_AC24_JStuyvesant - Sludge Paralysis Meets Regional Pyrolysis Jarod Stuyvesant, Weston & Sampson

11_AC24_MBlate - Technology Demonstration and Cost Analysis for PFAS Destruction in Biosolids Micah Blate, Hazen and Sawyer

11_AC24_PMcNamara - What Does Pyrolysis Do to PFAS in Biosolids? Distinguishing Removal from Transformation Patrick McNamara, Black & Veatch Hari Santha, Black & Veatch Lynne Moss, Black & Veatch Scott Carr, Black & Veatch

12_AC24_EKarivelil - Innovation in the Field – Using Geospatial Video to Enhance Data Collection Elizabeth Karivelil, Brown and Caldwell

12_AC24_KEdwards - Building Resilience Through Watershed Planning in New London, CT Kathryn Edwards, Arcadis Nicholas Mitch, Arcadis Joseph Lanzafame, City of New London

12_AC24_PStacey - Ecosystem-based Integrated Watershed Resource Management in Today’s Social Ecological System Context – A “One Water” Connecticut Example Paul Stacey, Footprints In The Water

12_AC24_SCohen - Building Climate Resilient Integrated Planning: Learning from Alameda County Water District’s Cap Approach Samantha Cohen, Brown and Caldwell

13_AC24_TBrown - Young Professionals 2: Workshop on Centrifugal Pumping Systems 101 – Fundamentals for Design Moderators: Nick Tooker, University of Massachusetts Daryl Coppola, FR Mahony

14_AC24_PDombrowski - Plant Operations 2: The BNR Controls & Instrumentation Selection Adventure Speakers: Paul Dombrowski, Woodard & Curran Jacob Fortin, Woodard & Curran Allie Greenfield, Woodard & Curran Sue Guswa, Woodard & Curran Maureen Neville, Woodard & Curran Nick Tooker, University of Massachusetts Panelists: Michael Andrus, Upper Blackstone Clean Water Jesse Freeman, Woodard & Curran Jeff Gamelli, City of Westfield Matt Nolan-Parkhouse, Veolia

15_AC24_LCorcelli - Infrastructure Funding Panelists: Leslie Corcelli, EPA Office of Wastewater Management Forrest Petrich, EPA Office of Wastewater Management Kelly Tucker, EPA Office of Wastewater Management