2024 NEWEA Annual Conference & Exhbit

8_AC24_Discussion - DEI: Strengthening Your Company Culture, Mindset and Project Success Through Effective Equitable Practices and Social Vulnerability Tools Discussion Topics

8_AC24_KBarnett - Equity in Climate Resilience: A Survey of Progress in Greater Boston Municipalities Stefani Harrison, Stantec Kalila Barnett, Barr Foundation

8_AC24_NMitch - Making Sense of Social Vulnerability Indices and Tools Nicholas Mitch, Arcadis

9_AC24_CJenkins - The Hydrogen Sulfide Beast from Below: A Reactive, Responsive, and Proactive Need for Handling H2s Before it Handles Us; A Sequence of Events That Led the Town of Ayer on a Journey to Discovering and Remedying a High-Risk Issue Within Their Wastewater Collection System Cameron Jenkins, Arcadis Daniel Van Schalkwyk, Town of Ayer, MA

9_AC24_CKennedy - Targeting Pipes From a Sea of Data: Scheduling Inspections, Cleanings and Rehabilitation in Waterbury, CT Courtney Kennedy, Jacobs Engineering Karina Massey, Jacobs Engineering

9_AC24_DBrisee - Supply Chain Problems – They’re Everywhere: Case Study in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management as an Alternative Project Delivery Method Douglas Brisee, Fuss & O’Neill

9_AC24_KWong - Your Key to Tackling I/I: A Well Engineered Annual Inspection Program Kin Wong, Weston & Sampson