2022 Annual Conference

AC22_Session6_ZJaffe - 3D GIS and Virtual Reality for Facility and Asset Management - Zachary Jaffe, LandTech Consultants

AC22_Session8_AMueller - Super High Resolution Multi-Parameter Stormwater Monitoring—Recommendations for Affordable Approaches to Nutrient Monitoring - Amy Mueller and Ed Beighley, Northeastern University; Jonnas Jacques, Kleinfelder; Charlie Jewell and Amy Schofield, Boston Water and Sewer Commission

AC22_Session8_AThuman - The Great Bay Estuary System Model—A Mechanistic and Quantifiable Framework for the Assessment of Resource Management Decisions - Andy Thuman, Cristhian Mancilla and Thomas Gallagher, HDR

AC22_Session8_EScerbo - Meta-Analysis of Dry Weather Outfall Screening Data - Emily Scerbo, Jennifer Lawrence, Kayla Larson, and Natalie Koncki, Tighe & Bond

AC22_Session8_JRahillSHuang - Boston Water and Sewer Commission— Modeling Green Infrastructure Implementation and Tracking Water Quality Improvement in Boston MS4 Reporting Areas - John Rahill and Steven Huang, Kleinfelder and Amy Schofield, Charlie Jewell, Boston Water and Sewer Commission

AC22_Session9_MGiggey - Nitrogen Trading Opportunities Under Massachusetts’ First Watershed Permit - Mike Giggey, Wright-Pierce and Carole Ridley, Ridley and Associates

AC22_Session9_RBouvier - Obstacles And Opportunities for Nutrient Trading in The Long Island Sound Study Area - Rachel Bouvier, R Bouvier Consulting

AC22_Session9_TJohnson - Adaptation For All—How to Build Flood Resilience for Communities of Every Size - Trevor Johnson, Arcadis