2014 North East Residuals & Biosolids Conference

NEBRA_Resid14_Muller - Full-Scale Case Study of Rapid Volume Expansion of Digester Contents -Christopher Muller, Brown and Caldwell

NEBRA_Resid14_Porter - Managing Food-Waste-Management Odors -Raymond Porter, Porter Odor Science

NEBRA_Resid14_Rainey - New Hampshire Biosolids Rulemaking 2015 -Michael Rainey, NH DES

NEBRA_Resid14_Richardson - KEYNOTE: 25 Years in the Biosolids: Challenges, Changes, Chances & Conclusions -Clayton “Mac” Richardson, Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority

NEBRA_Resid14_Sierra - Using a Biosolids Management System to Advance Quality Practices -Natalie Sierra, Brown and Caldwell

NEBRA_Resid14_Spargimino - Side Stream Nutrient Considerations and Nutrient Harvesting -Eric Spargimino, CDM Smith

NEBRA_Resid14_Twohig - Vermont Biosolids White Paper & Regulations Development -Eamon Twohig, Vermont DEC

NEBRA_Resid14_VanHorne - Standing at a Crossroad: Navigating Biosolids Management Decisions in the Face of an Uncertain Future -Matthew Van Horne, Hazen & Sawyer

NEBRA_Resid14_Wenger - Struvite: The Deer Island Experience -Ethan Wenger, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

NEBRA_Resid14_Wingler - Scheduling Optimal Anaerobic Digestion Feeding for Co-digestion Operations -Barbara Wingler, Natural Systems Utilities