2021 CSO/WWI Conference

NEWEA_CSO21_FMcNeill_JBouvier - The City of Manchester, New Hampshire’s Ongoing CSO Mitigation Program Frederick McNeill and Jeremy Bouvier, City of Manchester, NH

NEWEA_CSO21_Freedman_Tarbuck - Having Attained 93% Volumetric Reduction Following Three Decades of Effort, Augusta Had to Get Creative to Further Advance it CSO Program Steven Freedman, Consulting Engineer Brian Tarbuck, Greater Augusta Utility District

NEWEA_CSO21_Gillespie - Emergency Response Under Extreme Storm Events— The Narragansett Bay Commission’s Pawtucket Tunnel Project Lila Gillespie and Grace Huson, Stantec

NEWEA_CSO21_Hanley_Bateman - Innovative Root Cause Analysis to identify Chronic Surface Flooding Countermeasures Yovanni Catano, Michael Hanley and Miles Bateman, Dewberry

NEWEA_CSO21_Heath_Braz_Hall - Assessing the Performance of the North Dorchester Bay Tunnel System Gregory Heath, AECOM Jeremy Hall, MWRA

NEWEA_CSO21_Heisen - Application of Level Meters at CSO Locations to Provide Real-time Data on System Performance Karilyn Heisen, CDM Smith Shawn Syde, City of New Bedford, MA

NEWEA_CSO21_Hlas - Combating Climate Change with Smart Watershed Network Management Vikto Hlas, OptiRTC, Inc.

NEWEA_CSO21_Hyder - This is Not a Drill: Financial Resiliency Lessons Learned From Surviving a Pandemic David Hyder, Stantec

NEWEA_CSO21_Laseke_Alfaqih - Enhance CIP Processes at Cincinnati MSD to Achieve Asset Reliability and CSO Compliance Laith Alfaqih, Stantec Ian Laseke, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater

NEWEA_CSO21_Liberzon - New Primary Bio-Filter Achieves High-Rate Treatment for Wet-Weather Inflows Jonathan Liberzon, Tomorrow Water