2013 North East Residuals & Biosolids Conference

NEBRA_Resid13_McDonnell - Efficiencies in Biosolids Transportation and Processing to Reduce Carbon Impact -Jen McDonnell, Casella Organics

NEBRA_Resid13_Richardson - Wastewater Anaerobic Digestion Comes to Maine

NEBRA_Resid13_Ripple - One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure: Beneficially Reusing Industrial Wastewaters & Waste By-Products -Wes Ripple, NHDES

NEBRA_Resid13_Rohrbacher - Residuals Management Somersworth Drinking Water Treatment Facility: A Historical Overview of Surface Water Treatment Residuals Handling -Ian Rohrbacher, SWTF

NEBRA_Resid13_Rubin - Part 503 - Then & Now Alan Rubin, Retired U.S. EPA

NEBRA_Resid13_Rudenko - Utilizing Anaerobic Digester Capacity to Process Source Separated Organics: Two Case Studies -Anastasia Rudenko, GHD

NEBRA_Resid13_Smith - Review of United States Guidance and Regulations For Sludge Disinfection and Stabilization Including a Future Projection -Jim Smith, Retired Senior Environmental Engineer & Chair of USEPA’s Pathogen Equivalency Committee

NEBRA_Resid13_VanHam - Solving Environmental Challenges: Biosolids as a Tool -Mike Van Ham, PAg, RPBio, RPF

NEBRA_Resid13_VanHorne - Taking the Waste out of WAS: Sludge Pretreatment for Beneficial Uses -Matt Van Horne, Hazen and Sawyer

NEWEA_CS14_SGonneville - Historic Egg Shaped Sewer Gets a Modern Makeover -Sandra Gonneville and Gus O’Leary, Kleinfelder