2019 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

Residals19_Session2_PotashSargent - Re-Building a Sustainable Land Application Program using Dried Class A Biosolids • Michael Potash and April Sargent, Resource Management, Inc.

Residals19_Session2_Ross - Initial Feasibility Study for Co-Digestion at the Rockland WWTP • John Ross, Brown & Caldwell and John Loughlin, Town of Rockland

Residals19_Session3_Beecher - SESSION 3: PFAS Moderators: Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth and Ned Beecher, NEBRA

Residals19_Session3_Behzadi - PFAS in Waste, Is That Forever Chemical's Final Destination? • Harry Behzadi, Emerging Technologies

Residals19_Session3_DorseyCarpenter - Residuals-Related PFAS Sampling; What Fun! • Leigh Dorsey and Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth

Residals19_Session3_Surti - PFAS in Biosolids: State of Knowledge and Treatment Opportunities • Jay Surti, Deb Mahoney and Mohammad Abu-Orf, Hazen and Sawyer

Residuals19_Session1_Brander - NEW ENGLAND REGULATORY ROUNDUP DISCUSSION • Rowland Denny, CT DEEP; Kevin Brander, MassDEP; Carla Hopkins, MEDEP; Ray Gordon, NHDES; Eamon Twohig, VTDEC

Residuals19_Session3_JonesLannan - What if We Had to Treat All Water to Part per Trillion Levels—What Would be the Environmental Impact of Treatment • Michael Lannan and Tim Jones, Tech Environmental