ReACT Specialty Conference – Session 3

Global climate change is affecting our environment. As a result, we’ve seen increased temperatures, more intense and frequent precipitation events, and rising sea levels. The effects of climate change, in combination with our aging infrastructure, is a cause of great concern to State and local officials.  In the past, we’ve relied on large centralized systems to solve our problems.  However, due to the uncertainty of climate change, we must look to the future. Embracing a combination of resiliency-based solutions with agile and flexible infrastructure design may achieve the solutions we are seeking.

Resiliency in Action is the focus of this conference.  This conference will discuss effective and sustainable strategies being used to plan, design, and implement resiliency projects in areas susceptible to our changing climate. In addition, the conference will explore existing funding programs throughout the New England region, as well as future financial opportunities to bring resiliency-based projects to fruition.

Municipalities, utilities, watershed associations, State agencies, and others that are responsible for transportation, water, sewer, stormwater, and other infrastructure will gain valuable insight from topics presented at this conference.  Learn what communities are doing to enhance resiliency of our critical municipal infrastructure, resiliency-based financing options, and how others have identified practical solutions to these often complex problems.

Session 3:  Resiliency Funding and Roundtable, December 11th
Funding and implementing resilient infrastructure projects adds additional challenges for communities that are constantly working to keep pace with current infrastructure needs, enhance the level of public service, and improve quality of life.  Innovative approaches to funding and implementation of projects are needed to support future resilient infrastructure projects, as well as increased collaboration across the public and private sectors.  There is significant opportunity for communities to enhance their funding and implementation approaches with continuous collaboration and dialogue with partners across the financial, insurance, technology, and construction sectors.  The goal of this roundtable discussion is to share experiences, ideas, and perspectives on this topic.

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