Joint Industrial Wastewater and Safety Specialty Webinar

Join NEWEA’s Industrial Wastewater and Safety Committees in a discussion of three innovative Industrial Wastewater pretreatment technologies and their safe implementation at your facility. The webinar will cover three unique technologies designed to remove a range of pollutants. Representatives from three innovative treatment manufacturers will discuss their products and applications. Manufacturers included: Axine Water Technologies discussing the treatment of organic pollutants and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) in pharmaceutical wastewater; Water Tectonics discussing a range of advanced treatment solutions and their applicability at industries; and, Cambrian Innovation, specializing in water, wastewater and energy management in the food and beverage sector. The technologies that will be discussed are scalable and offer a range of installation options including: purchasing equipment for on-site permanent installation, leasing equipment, and the “wastewater as a service model” where clients pay a per gallon fee for the use of vendor-supplied, and operated, equipment.

The discussion of each technology will be followed by a conversation regarding the safe implementation of these technologies at any facility by NEWEA’s Safety Committee’s own David P. Horowitz, PE, CSP, Vice President, Tighe & Bond

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