Spring Meeting 2021 Announcement

NEWEA’s Spring Meeting, scheduled to take place in June 2021 at the Mount Washington Resort, is currently undergoing consideration about the event’s format. Many variables persist that make this planning challenging, including ongoing vaccine rollout, emerging highly contagious variants of COVID-19, and local, state, and federal restrictions on traveling and in-person gatherings.

As we did with the 2021 Annual Conference & Exhibit, which was ultimately held in an entirely virtual format, NEWEA’s Staff and Meeting Management Council are exploring three different options for our 2021 Spring Meeting:

  • A fully virtual event
  • A hybrid virtual/in-person event
  • A fully in-person event
We will be following reports of cases, the status of vaccine rollout, and regulations from public health organizations and state and federal government in the coming months to guide our planning. We will keep our attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors updated on our plans for the 2021 Spring Meeting as more information becomes available.

Please contact the NEWEA Office with any questions.

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