NEWEA Member Success Story: Meg Tabacsko

We set out to develop a collection of stories based on asking members a simple question: “How has NEWEA helped your education, career or community?” This is one of those stories.

Name: Meg Tabacsko

Title: Manager, MWRA Wastewater Education Program

NEWEA Member since 1992

Current Positions Held: Communications Council Director
Registration Committee Chair
Kate Biedron Memorial Fund Task Force Lead

How has being a member of NEWEA helped your education, career, community?

“Through my work on various committees throughout the years, I have been able to work side-by-side with industry leaders whom I would not have the opportunity to do so otherwise. I am able to keep up to date on projects and technologies. I feel that I always have someone I can turn to when asked a question about the wastewater field.”

Over the years, through my involvement with NEWEA’s Youth Education Committee and the MWRA School Education Program, I have met and worked with some wonderful teachers. For example, Deb Smith, Grade 3 Teacher at Linden STEAM Academy, Malden, MA, has used the NEWEA School Program Toolkit materials in her class, has had her students participate in World Water Monitoring Challenge activities, and attend the Mr. & Mrs. Fish program at NEWEA’s Annual Conference. Another example, Bonnie Combs, Blackstone National Heritage Corridor Marketing Director, uses NEWEA school education resources and hand-out materials, started an Adopt A Storm Drain program, and in 2019 had May declared Storm Drain Awareness Month in both MA and RI. She has been a key note speaker at NEWEA’s Teacher Training.

 My favorite things about NEWEA are the people! I have developed both personal and professional relationships with members over the years that I value and cherish. I have benefited so much from my involvement with this organization and hope that the organization has benefited from my involvement as well. I also enjoy the social events and can’t wait to get back to in-person meetings and events!”

If you would like to support the efforts of NEWEA members like Meg and activities of the Youth Education Committee, please visit our Donations page today. By making a contribution to NEWEA, you are investing in our region’s water quality and supporting essential water workers.

What’s your story? If you have a story to share, please fill out a brief form on  or contact Jordan Gosselin, Communications/PR Coordinator


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