Promoting Water Quality Through Outreach


Marylee presenting the “go with the flow” from WEF.

Marylee Santoro, chair of the Laboratory Practice Committee, had the opportunity to deliver a wastewater presentation in Spanish for the first time. It went well, not perfect, but was a good start and a great opportunity to get involved with the community. The crowd at the Stamford Senior Center was highly engaged and excited about the topics discussed. They were especially engaged in the flushable vs non-dispersible issue and intrigued by the demonstration on these items. As many of us know, in other countries, they do not normally flush paper products.

Many of the attendees were residents of Spain and were excited to contribute their own stories and experiences from outside the United States. One gentleman enquired whether he had to boil the tap water before using it. Marylee found online to be a great resource and utilized the “Go with the Flow” presentation in Spanish as well as some educational materials in Spanish.

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