GoAigua CEO Talks Wastewater Epidemiology Testing at NEWEA’s Reverse Pitch Webinar

On October 20, 2020, Pablo Calabuig, CEO of GoAigua, spoke at “What’s the role of wastewater analytics/sampling/epidemiology during the COVID pandemic?”. As a panelist at this first webinar in NEWEA’s Innovation Council’s Reverse Pitch Series, Pablo spoke about a successful implementation with the City of Burlington, Vermont.

The City was subdivided into Sewerheds by reviewing the Hydraulic Model and selecting grab samples to be taken from specific manholes. Testing for COVID concentrations in the wastewater system, the City can spot potential outbreaks in the community and determine the Sewershed with the highest case concentration. Data from the various Sewersheds are displayed on the online Web Application. The aggregated data has allowed the City to make better decisions quicker, allowing the City to deploy their internal resources in a much more effective manner. These results were also made public and placed online, to educate the community.

GoAigua has expertise in Technical Engineering, COVID epidemiology, and Computer Programming, with more than 20 applications throughout the world. Read the articles below to learn more, and contact Pablo with any questions.

The City Of Burlington, Vermont Leverages Innovative Wastewater-Based Epidemiology Program To Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

Burlington ramps up free testing after wastewater shows Covid spike

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