Announcing the NEWEA Student Design Competition for 2019

The NEWEA Student Activities Committee (SAC) is happy to announce the Student Design Competition (SDC) for 2019.

The SAC is hoping to increase participation of students and to get utilities, consulting firms, and municipalities involved too!

If you are a Facility/Utility/ Consultant/Consulting Firm, here is how to get involved:

  1. Facility/Utility/Consultant/Consulting Firm Sponsorship:  Competition can be sponsored by a participating facility/utility/consultant/consulting company. The participating facility/utility/consultant/consulting firm provides a monetary prize for the winning team.
  2. Facility/Utility/Consulting Mentorship: Competition can be mentored by a participating facility/utility/consultant/consulting company firm. The participating facility/utility/consultant/consulting firm provides the problem statement for the competition, then participates in the project plan, final design reviews, and judging.

There are two design competition categories, wastewater design (WW) and environmental design (ENV). Wastewater design projects include wastewater collection and treatment design projects, such as hydraulic capacity design, upgrades to existing systems, biosolids handling, etc. Environmental design projects include contemporary engineering topics, including sustainability, water reuse, wetland construction, stormwater, stream restoration, etc. If your Facility/Utility/Consulting firm has a project that you think would be appropriate for the SDC, please consider becoming a sponsor or mentor.

SDC sponsors and/or mentors are greatly appreciated to ensure the sustainability of this important program. Please check the Sponsorship form for student engagement sponsorship opportunities. If your organization is interested in being a sponsor and/or mentor, please contact the SAC Chair, Nick Tooker (

If you are a Student/student group/faculty advisor here is how to get involved:

The NEWEA Student Design Competition (SDC) is intended to promote a “real world” design experience for students interested in pursuing an education and/or career in water engineering and sciences. This competition tasks teams of student members within NEWEA to design and present a project solution meeting the requirements of a problem statement that they have worked on together as a team. This competition is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students, typically completing a capstone project, but any student group or club may compete.

For More Information, contact: Nick Tooker chair of the NEWEA Student Activities Committee: (413) 313-6217 or Email

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