One Water – NEWEA & NEWWA Explore Collaborative Training

The New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) and New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) have a long-standing positive relationship for information sharing on topical issues as well as participating in joint programs where our initiatives converge.

Reflecting each organization’s focus toward “Total Water Solutions” and the concept of “One Water,” NEWEA and NEWWA have established a Joint Exploratory Group to develop a closer working relationship, investigate collaborative opportunities, and initiate specific programs to benefit the members of each organization. With officers, staff, and active members assigned to the working group from each organization, exciting and positive steps have been achieved to define opportunities and create pro­grams consistent with this focus.

An initial meeting was held in Holliston last November. Sub­sequent meetings were held in April and May with significant progress made to identify our initial collaborative programs. The discussions have been positive and productive with a structured process for assessing the value of initiatives to each organization and its members.

As the centerpiece of the continuing work by the Joint Explor­atory Group, a Vision Statement was adopted—reflecting the group’s priorities and to guide ongoing efforts:

“Based on a wealth of common opportunities in the world of water, NEWEA and NEWWA are poised to work more closely together to benefit the members of both organizations. This enhanced collaborative effort will be a continuing goal focused on adopting the concept of “One Water”.

At the May meeting, the working group established the framework for our initial collaboration efforts, focusing on areas with shared priorities. The four topics proposed are:

  • Government Affairs. Singular messages for investment in water infrastructure and rational environmental regulation will serve as more effective communications to federal and state governments. These efforts will be in coordination with each state’s water organizations and their meetings with state legislators.
  • Training and Workshops. There are numerous opportunities to provide training and education for topics of value common to both organizations. The intent with this effort is to focus on technology for utility management, specifically for Asset Management, and Cybersecurity. The goal will be to conduct a joint “IT Fair” in 2018.
  • Young Professionals. Both organizations share a high priority to attract and retain students and young professionals to occupations in water. Both organizations have active programs to carry out these important efforts. The goal will be to expand joint NEWEA/NEWWA “YP” programs providing education on industry issues, networking opportunities, and association membership incentives.
  • Awards Program. The group supports the establishment of a “New England One Water Award” to highlight innovation incorporating the concept of “One Water.” The award will recognize individuals and organizations relative to total water solutions.

Additional information will be provided as the important work of this group continues.

Thank you

James R. Barsanti, President

Mary M. Barry, Executive Director

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  1. Shelagh Connelly June 26, 2017 at 11:54 am #

    One Water is great news for water professionals. This is especially good for advocacy and messaging about infrastructure and sustainable funding. Nice job NEWEA and NEWWA!

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