Spotlight: Keynote Speaker George S. Hawkins

George S. Hawkins knows a lot about water. As the CEO of DC Water, he oversees the distribution of fresh drinking water to the more than 600,000 residents, as well as the countless tourists and employees that pass through the nation’s capital. Hawkins is also responsible for coordinating the treatment of wastewater from DC and four counties in Maryland and Virginia.

According to DC Water’s website, “Hawkins has launched an ambitious agenda at DC Water that complements a vast 10-year program to improve aging infrastructure and comply with ever more stringent regulatory requirements.” He is not merely a day-to-day leader, but also an ambitious visionary, who works tirelessly to improve one of the most innovative water and sewer authorities in the country. DC Water, under Hawkins’ direction, is currently orchestrating programs to eliminate sewage overflows into local rivers, restore the Chesapeake Bay, and turn biosolids into DC’s newest and largest source of renewable energy.

Hawkins is also leading a cultural change at DC Water. DC Water has shifted its focus toward its connection with the public in the past few years, creating Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, and Twitter accounts to increase public relations. He is also engaging front-line staff, giving them a greater voice in improving the overall functioning of the organization, and strengthening ties with local and national advocacy groups to support DC Water’s innovative moves.

As if that weren’t enough, the Princeton and Harvard Law graduate is also a member of Bar organizations in both Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. He teaches classes at Princeton, and writes a blog about political issues regarding water and infrastructure.

NEWEA is proud and excited to announce that George S. Hawkins will be giving the keynote speech at the 2016 Annual Conference, and eagerly anticipating hearing what wisdom and knowledge he has to offer. In the meantime, read more on his website,, register for the 2016 Annual Conference, and have a Happy New Year!



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