Follow-Up From a Humanitarian Grant Recipient

In 2015, three community organizations were awarded stipends to support their projects as part of the NEWEA Humanitarian Assistance Grant Program. One of the recipients, Clarke School for Hearing and Speech, located in Northampton, Massachusetts, sought $1,000 to improve the curriculum and materials available to teachers to educate their students about the environment.

This week, NEWEA received a thank-you note from the President of Clarke School, Bill Corwin, expressing his gratitude for the allotment and describing the success of the initiative to improve the quality of environmental education. “Thank you for your recent gift,” Corwin writes. “[NEWEA’s] support is vital in helping programs at Clarke succeed; we could not do the work we do without the help of donors such as [NEWEA].” He goes on to explain that the school served 1,200 students in the past year, its largest class in its nearly 150-year history, and the Humanitarian Grant was vital in bolstering the supplies available to students and faculty for learning.

NEWEA would like to thank President Corwin for the heartwarming thank-you note and update, and congratulate Clarke on their successes implementing the new materials and programs in the past year. The full letter can be found below.

Any group seeking funding for a project, educational program, or other humanitarian interest is encouraged to check back later for the 2016 Humanitarian Assistance Grant application, and stay tuned for updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Clark School Letter


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