Worlds Colliding – Albania and New England Meet in Woburn


NEWEA and SHUKALB at NEWEA Office in Woburn

On September 23, 2015, the NEWEA Executive Office met with SHUKALB, the water/wastewater association of Albania.

SHUKALB exists primarily through the initiative of Philip Giantris with whom many of you may be familiar. Philip previously worked at Metcalf & Eddy, hails from Worcester and now lives in Maine when he is not in Albania as Executive Director of SHUKALB and conducting a private consulting practice.

Mr. Giantris originally contacted the NEWEA Office last year when SHUKALB received a grant from the US Agency for International Development to develop a training and certification program for water and wastewater staff in Albania. The grant also included support for the management staff of SHUKALB (5 people) to visit the USA this Fall for a study tour. The group met with the NEWEA Executive Office (Mary Barry – Executive Director, Janice Moran – Programs and Educations Coordinator, and Linda Austin – Administration and Certification Coordinator) and former NEWEA President Roger Jansen to learn more about how NEWEA is managed and its various activities

The discussion topics included Governance, Advocacy, Stakeholders, Training, as well as Association Management Systems, Communications, and Conferences and Exhibits. In addition, there was discussion and interest in setting up an exchange similar to the NEWEA Operator Exchange, with a bit of a broader scope.

The meeting was a great success, with both NEWEA and SHUKALB exchanging ideas and information on how to best serve our members.

Picture: NEWEA and SHUKALB at NEWEA Office in Woburn, missing from the picture is Janice Moran.

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