Utility Management Conference

Workforce Sustainability 
Fall 2019 – CT

group of workers“Workforce Sustainability“ is a very important and challenging issue for managers who are tasked with keeping facilities operating, providing engineering services and supporting the industry into the future. Managers are faced with the issue of an aging workforce, transferring institutional knowledge and bringing new workers into the water industry.  With a strong economy and low unemployment rates bringing new workers into this field is becoming more difficult.  Managers have to think outside the box and accommodate new ways to bring people into the industry.  Mining new workforce groups such as veterans and providing educational opportunities may provide the solution to the problem.  Join us for a one day conference as the Utility Management Committee explores workforce sustainability in today’s climate. View Call for Abstracts


Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts on topics addressing the water and wastewater industry workforce. Topics to be covered at the conference include but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment, retention, knowledge transfer, and succession planning
  • Professional development and soft skills training for potential managers
  • Attracting veterans, dislocated workers, and career and technical education programs
  • Challenges for contract operations providers
  • Engaging opportunity youth and those with potential barriers to employment
  • Employee optimization/self-actualization, and infusing a sense of mission in our water workforce
  • Diversity hiring and equity and social justice efforts
  • Improving interstate harmony in licensing and portability of operator credentials
  • Regional collaboration and community partnerships
  • Messaging campaigns and enhancing visibility of careers in water quality
  • Case studies and success stories involving any of above or related topics.
Abstracts are due Friday, June 28th.