Are you interested in water quality, conservation and protection?


At NEWEA we encourage all who care about water quality—young people, educators, businesses and communities—to learn how to improve and sustain the health of our water environment.

Take advantage of our educational resources and tools.

Elementary to secondary school-level water cycle presentations

Industry training for entry-level candidates, young professionals, and seasoned water industry leaders

— Revised Career Brochure containing information on water quality professionals

NEWEA’s educational programs can also be customized for specific topics and unique audiences.  Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator today.

NEWEA Members: Your subject matter experts

Our Members’ water industry knowledge and expertise is extensive and we value the opportunity to share it. With more than 45 active committees, our members work in every part of water quality industry: from engineering and design to operations to policy and education. Nearly all specialties are represented in one or more of our committees.

If you have specific questions or are seeking more information on a topic, our committees either have the experts on board or know where to find it. As we continue to work on our public outreach efforts, we encourage you to connect with us through our social media channels or directly at our Woburn headquarters.

water-treatmentGet into the water quality industry with an up-close experience at one of New England’s premiere treatment facilities — and it happens to be in a National Park!

Successfully treating waste water and returning it the environment for future use has many benefits — including beautiful harbors open for boating and swimming. And you can learn how it works in beautiful Boston, MA.

Ever wonder what those big “eggs” are out in the Boston Harbor? The National Park Service and Boston Harbor Islands in partnership with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority offer seasonal guided kayak, walking and facility tours on Deer Island. Reservations must be made in advance.