Crystal Crucible Award Nomination

The Crystal Crucible program recognizes and honors individuals for their outstanding contributions that promote increased professionalism in the wastewater laboratory field. Nominees are not required to be NEWEA members. Examples of outstanding contributions include: significant, active participation in wastewater analyses, education, training, safety, certification, management, and/or planning; involvement in promoting the professional recognition of the wastewater analysis profession; active participation on the NEWEA Laboratory Practices Committee; papers or articles related to the wastewater analysis profession that have been accepted by state, regional, or national publications; technical presentations at professional conferences; active participation in the WEF Laboratory Practices Committee. Candidates for membership will be voted on in September by existing members of the Crystal Crucible Society. Upon receiving a simple majority vote, each inductee will be notified of his or her acceptance by the LPC Chair. Inductees into the C2 Society shall receive their NEWEA Crystal Crucible recognition pins and certificates during the NEWEA Annual Winter Conference.
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  • Significant Contributions

  • List the significant contributions that the candidate has made that promote pride and safety in the workplace, teamwork, education, and professionalism in the wastewater laboratory field. Please provide attachments or additional information as necessary.
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