NEWIN to Merge With NEWEA to Become Innovation Council

Since 2017, and with accelerating pace, New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) and Northeast Water Innovation Network (NEWIN) have been working together on innovative clean water events, outreach, and advocacy. This  partnership was forged to advance the mission of both organizations and position the Northeast as a leader in water policy, research, public education, and innovation for the protection of the water environment and our quality of life.

Now, following a proposal in the Spring of 2018, NEWEA and NEWIN are excited to announce that NEWIN will be merging to become part of NEWEA, a decision approved by NEWEA’s Executive Committee at a June 2019 meeting and NEWIN’s Board of Directors in September 2019. NEWIN will integrate into NEWEA as the new Innovation Council, comprised of committees dedicated to innovation and led by Council Director Marianne Langridge.

During the fourth quarter of 2019, both organizations will focus on detailed planning to finalize integration of marketing, communications, finance, and membership benefits. A final NEWEA approval vote will take place at the Business Meeting at NEWEA’s Annual Conference & Exhibit in January 2020. Following this vote, NEWEA President Raymond Vermette will make the formal announcement of this merger at the Annual Conference’s Opening Session.

This merger promises to bring greater value to NEWEA and NEWIN members, as well as the water innovation community as a whole. NEWIN members, who will become NEWEA members, will gain access to the broad spectrum of NEWEA membership benefits, as well as the broader benefits of NEWEA’s parent organization the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Existing NEWEA members will have the opportunity to build connections with NEWIN’s network of innovators and attend events highlighting innovation.

Additionally, as the Northeast water cluster, which WEF defines as “regional groupings of businesses, government, research institutions, and other organizations focused on innovative technologies to provide clean and reliable water”, this merger will allow NEWIN to leverage NEWEA’s 90 years of industry experience, connect with NEWEA’s membership, which represents all sectors of the water industry, and provide a model for other water clusters around the country to develop and evolve.

In the coming months, we will be rolling out a partnership package, which will allow companies of all sizes to support our organizations’ mission as a Water Innovation Partner. Partner benefits include the opportunity to shape and participate in innovation events, expand market reach, and attract talent, as well as bring solutions to market faster and more effectively. We look forward to continuing the conversation, facilitating collaboration, and developing new opportunities regarding innovation in the water industry. We hope you will join us as we enter this new phase of our organizations’ history.

Please contact Marianne Langridge at with any questions or to learn more.

–  NEWEA Executive Committee and NEWIN Board of Directors

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