Member Profile: Amy Anderson, Program Chair

Amy Anderson and her dog Lucy

Amy Anderson and her dog Lucy

In this Spring edition of waterlink, we profile Amy Anderson, Program Committee Chair.  Amy insists she is just a regular employee but actions speak louder than words.   Thanks to the good advice of colleagues at Arcadis, she became very active in NEWEA soon after she joined in 2005.  Amy currently serves as chair of the program committee and had previously held the position of chair for the exhibits committee.  She is also a member of 5S.

The biggest value she has seen in her work with NEWEA is the relationships she has been able to build. Her involvement in multiple committees has helped her make contacts in a variety of nitches of our industry. Through her time on the exhibits committee she had the opportunity to get to know suppliers and manufacturers and in her experience with the program committee she has had the opportunity to get to know moderators and presenters. The program committee is currently gearing up for the next big event, the spring meeting to be held in Newport, Rhode Island this June.

Outside the office Amy loves exploring her beautiful home state of Rhode Island, tinkering on projects at home, and improving her golf game. She also enjoys spending time with her canine side kick Lucy.

Amy offers advice to other young professionals in the spirit of advice that was offered to her when she began on this career track. There is more to the job than just sitting behind a desk. Give NEWEA a shot, and don’t be shy about getting involved in something you have not done before – the connections you will make are priceless.

Thanks very much for your service Amy!

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