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NEWEA Meeting Proceedings

NEWEA offers its meeting registrants an archival repository of presentations given at its various conferences.  All proceedings are available for download as PDFs unless otherwise noted.  PDFs can by accessed through a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The listed presentations have been approved for distribution from the speakers.

Please note that you must be a member or conference attendee to view the presentations for the conference.  Please log in.

Presentation Repository

The proceedings from NEWEA meetings are listed below.  You must have attended a NEWEA conference or be a member to access the files.


Agenda - North East Residuals & Biosolids Conference, Oct 22-23, 2014, S. Portland, ME  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:10


The Power of FOG: Turning a Bad Situation Into a Good One Melissa Hamkins, Wright-Pierce  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:09


Managing Food-Waste-Management Odors Raymond Porter, Porter Odor Science  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:08


Scheduling Optimal Anaerobic Digestion Feeding for Co-digestion Operations Barbara Wingler, Natural Systems Utilities  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:08


Full-Scale Case Study of Rapid Volume Expansion of Digester Contents Christopher Muller, Brown and Caldwell  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:07


An Anaerobic Digestion System Integrated with Wastewater Treatment in a Public/ Private Partnership Facilitates (Nutrient) Resource Recovery Alan John  --  DOWNLOAD
 Hits: 3 Updated:
Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:06


Standing at a Crossroad: Navigating Biosolids Management Decisions in the Face of an Uncertain Future - Matthew Van Horne, Hazen & Sawyer  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:06


Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Biosolids Management Options: TBL Model Results from the WERF Energy Neutrality Project - Andrew Carpenter, Northern Ti  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:05


Ridgewood, New Jersey: An Energy-Positive, Cash-Positive Wastewater Treatment Plant Eugenio Giraldo, Natural Systems Utilities  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:04


KEYNOTE: 25 Years in the Biosolids: Challenges, Changes, Chances & Conclusions Clayton “Mac” Richardson, Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Autho  --  DOWNLOAD
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Fri 10/24/2014 @ 02:03


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