2018 Stormwater Conference

Storm18_NCristofori - Design and Construction of Resilient Stormwater BMPs to Address Climate Change and Improve Water Quality – Nick Cristofori, Comprehensive Environmental Inc.

Storm18_Persechino - Private Development - Public Benefit: Tuscan Village Floodplain Improvements in Salem, NH – Joseph Persechino and David Azinheira, Tight & Bond

Storm18_RRaicheYCatano - Sharing a Drainage System to Build Stormwater Resilience – Dr. Yovanni Catano, Stantec and Richard Raiche, City of Somerville, MA

Storm18_Siry - Using Asset Management to Maintain a Resilient Stormwater System – Annie Bastoni and Kelly Siry, VHB

Storm18_SSimpson - Increasing Resilience through Intelligent Water Mgmt – Scott Simpson and Tatjana Toeldte, Optii

Storm18_TDiPietro - Implementation of Flow Restoration Plans to Address Stormwater Impaired Streams – Thomas DiPietro and David Wheeler, City of South Burlington, VT

Storm18_TGraupensperger - Post-Storm Infrastructure Improvements and Stream Restoration: Three Case Studies –Thomas Graupensperger, Dewberry

Storm18_Watkins - Resilient Ecosystems: Quantifying the Co-benefits of Green Infrastructure – Dr. Indrani Ghosh, Kleinfelder and Kathy Watkins, Cambridge, MA

Storm18_Wood - Restoring Boston’s Bays and Streams – Julie Wood, Charles River Watershed Association