Voluntary Certification

NEWEA offers individuals the opportunity to become certified voluntarily for Wastewater Collection Systems Operator and Laboratory Analyst.

Scheduled Exams – Spring 2017

Type Date Location Training
 Collection Systems 03/17/17 Portland Water District, Portland, ME  NEIWPCC
 Collection Systems 04/12/17 NEIWPCC Office, Lowell, MA  NEIWPCC
 Collection Systems 04/20/17 MDC Training Center, Hartford, CT  NEIWPCC
 Laboratory Procedures 04/20/17

Montpelier DPW, Montpelier, VT

 Laboratory Procedures 06/02/17 Easton DPW, Water Div. Office, Easton, MA  NEIWPCC
 Collection Systems  06/15/17

Franklin Training Center, Franklin, NH



Additional Certification Training Opportunities

Voluntary certification in Wastewater Collection Systems and Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Training are offered by the following two organizations:

  • The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC)
  • The North East Water and Wastewater Training Associates (NEWWTA)

Please contact them to register. The appropriate NEWEA examination will be given following the conclusion of the training course.  Separate registration is required for the course and exam.


Contact Linda Austin at the NEWEA office for more information, exam applications, exam results, and copies of results.