Voluntary Laboratory Analyst Certification Program – Grade II

This is a voluntary certification program for Laboratory Analyst – Grade II.  Membership in NEWEA is not required for certification.  The exam may be taken independent of a training course.


  • Turbidity
  • COD
  • Ammonia
  • Phosphorous
  • Oil & Grease
  • Microbiology of Activated Sludge
  • Principles of Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Topics included in Grade I: pH, Total & Volatile Suspended Solids, Total & Volatile Solids, BOD, Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform/E. Coli, Settleable Solids, Temperature, Laboratory Safety, Chlorine Residual, Sampling Techniques, Preservation, and Holding Times and Record Keeping.


All applicants for Grade II must submit satisfactory evidence of at least three years’ experience in conducting or supervising wastewater analyses and pass a Grade I examination and shall meet the following general requirements:

  • Be able to read and write the English language;
  • Be able to maintain desirable logs and records of sampling, testing, and maintenance in a laboratory; and
  • Have a minimum of a High School diploma or GED, or equivalent.

An Associate’s Degree in a physical or biological science may be substituted for one year of experience. A Bachelor’s Degree in a physical or biological science may be substituted for two years’ of experience.


Exams are held throughout the year and are usually given after a training class.  Training classes are not a prerequisite. The passing grade on all examinations is a minimum of 70%.  Tests are comprised of a 100 multiple-choice question examination.  The use of a non-programmable calculator is allowed. In the event an applicant fails to pass an examination, he/she may apply for re-examination after six months. The normal $50.00 fee must accompany the application.

Applications need to be submitted in a reasonable time in advance of the examination. All applications will be screened to ascertain whether the applicant meets the education and experience requirements.


The fee for certification in each grade is $50.00 payable to NEWEA.
Fees shall accompany all applications for certificates.
Fees for all applicants whose applications are rejected, or who fail to pass the examination will not be returned.
Exam results will not be released until payment has been received.


  1. Download and complete the appropriate Exam Application (PDF).
  2. Return application with examination fee of $50.00, made payable to NEWEA, to NEWEA office (address is listed on application).
  3. Download the Brochure for supplemental information.

Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the examination.  Certificates will be permanent unless revoked for proper cause.

The following resources may be used to obtain study materials:
Office of Water Programs – California State University, Sacramento
Telephone: (916) 278-6142
Email: wateroffice@owp.csus.edu

Water Environment Federation
Telephone: (800) 666-0206
Email: pubs@wef.org