Asset Management Tools and Information Systems

Significant quantities of asset data are collected, stored and used for a variety of asset management functions and analyses. Computerized tools and integrated information systems can interconnect various databases containing this high volume of detailed information. These tools and systems can enable a utility to implement a comprehensive and cost effective approach to asset identification analysis and management.

Tools and Databases
Most utilities already have many of the ingredients of an asset management information system including various tools, models and databases. Some of the more common components that are relevant to asset management include the following:

  • Maintenance Management Systems. These systems typically include asset inventory, work order management and history, condition assessment and rehabilitation prioritization.
  • Customer Information System. These systems commonly contain payment history, work order history by customer location, and customer correspondence including compliance and billing data.
  • Finance Databases and Models. Databases may include billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax data, budgeting and forecasting, valuations and debt management.
  • Financial Models for Developing User Rates and Replacement Planning Models may also exist in some utilities.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Since much of a utility’s asset information can be tied to a geographic location, another significant element of an asset management system is a CADD or GIS-based map of fixed assets and related data.
  • Capital Planning Data. Most utilities have some type of database related to their facility capital improvement projects. Data may be organized by time increment and type.
  • Business Processes. Individual functional groups within a utility often maintain some information related to their key business processes and standard operating procedures. Sometimes performance measures or targets may also be included.

Integrated Information Systems

In most utilities the databases and tools as described above are islands of separate data and are dispersed throughout the organization. Access to the data by other sections within the utility is often difficult, which limits the effectiveness of the organizations knowledge base. Various data integration options exist, including enterprise resource, planning applications, web-based systems that link databases and other specialized software. Before embarking on an asset management integration effort, a utility needs to consider several factors including: leveraging existing information technology investments, phased versus one time migration to an integrated system, and cultural and financial limitations.

This chapter of the Resource Guide compiles a list of references and other data sources as well as case examples related to asset management tools and information systems.

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