Safety Committee

The Safety Committee has four main goals, we:

  1. Actively promote safe work practices for operating wastewater treatment personnel
  2. Collect available/necessary information on safety and distribute the information through demonstrations at meetings, the Journal, Newsletter, and independent mailings
  3. Develop reports related to safety
  4. Submit nominations for the NEWEA and WEF safety-related awards

The Safety Committee promotes safety in the wastewater treatment field through the review of technical practices and dissemination of information related to the safe operation of wastewater treatment and collection systems. Communicating with the wastewater associations of each New England state is also a crucial function of the Safety Committee. Members also serve as liaisons with the Awards, Industrial Wastewater, Operations Challenge, and Plant Operations Committees.

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Contact Info

David Horowitz, Chair
Phone: 413-572-3211

Kevin Leroux, Vice Chair


What does the Safety Committee do?

  • Gathers and publishes information regarding safety via an annual survey of all wastewater treatment facilities
  • Submits recommendations for the George W. Burke, Jr. Facility Safety Award and Operator Safety Award
  • Administers safety Contest(s) and selects Award Winner(s) for presentation at the Annual Conference
  • Posts relevant safety information through On the Safe Side articles on the NEWEA website
  • Assists in planning, organizing and executing the Operations Challenge safety event, including appointing a member to serve on the Operations Challenge Committee

How often do we meet?

  • At the Annual Conference
  • At the Spring Meeting
  • At the Member Appreciation Event
  • Periodically for event preparation

Why should you join us?

  • Utilize your training and expertise to promote safety in wastewater treatment facilities
  • Expand your knowledge and contact base in the area of safety

See what we’ve accomplished.

1. Safety Logo Contest
2. Annual Safety Survey – View the 2015 Safety Survey Results Analysis here >>
3. Annual Safety Awards


New Hampshire Operations Challenge team competing in the Safety Event at the 2016 Spring Meeting in Groton, CT


A couple of hard working Committee members at the Committee fair at the 2016 Annual Conference



Safety Committee booth at a recent Annual Conference