Humanitarian Assistance & Grants Committee

The Humanitarian Assistance & Grants Committee advances NEWEA’s mission by administering grants to groups throughout New England which, through an application process, demonstrate that their group will use the grant to promote clean water or the education about such. The committee is entrusted with distributing the grants, totaling $1,500, to those groups who best exemplify NEWEA’s mission.  Learn more about the Humanitarian Grant >>

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Contact Info

Marina Fernandes, Chair
Phone: 781-708-9846


What does the Humanitarian Grants & Assistance Committee do?

  • Read grant applications
  • Vote on grant applications
  • Distribute money to grant recipients via the NEWEA office

How often do we meet?

  • No regularly scheduled meetings, but we may get together informally at the Annual Conference
  • Grant Applications are sent out to the Committee in August via email and their votes are due by early September

Why should you join us?

  • Not a lot of heavy lifting
  • It is fun to read about what people in New England are doing in regards to Clean Water issues

See what we’ve accomplished.

We’ve recently distributed grants to:

  • Rhode Island Shellfisherman’s Assocication — $2,500
  • Greenwich Bay Oyster Seeding Project;  Friends of Forge Pond — $1,500
  • Lake Management, Monitoring & Data Collection; Clarke School for Hearing & Speech (Environmental Curriculum) — $1,000